Anabasis Red Viola CD


Debut Solo Viola Album by Victoria Voronyansky explores works by Bach, Debussy, Albeniz, Biber, and Piazzolla as Red Viola and Victoria's sensitive performances tell a real-life fairytale of loss, recovery, renewal, and triumph!

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The Slipper TM Shoulder Rests for Violin and Viola



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Start Right Books



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Start Right Fundamentals Guide

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About Start Right Books


Start Right books for Violin and Viola are now available for sale. Learn proper alignment from the very beginning! Unlike instructional books with broad overview of bow arm and left hand setup, Start Right books concentrate specifically on the physical alignment, guiding the student through every minute detail of the finger placement and motion, with clear, understandable explanations and illustrations. This approach will ultimately protect beginning student from practice sessions filled with physical discomfort and frustration, and instead create a pain free and enjoyable learning experience.
This book will be most helpful for: Adult Beginners, Parents of beginning violin and viola students, Teachers, to serve as an aid for setting up bow arm and left hand, and for Musicians who would like to improve their hand positions and gain greater ease and fluidity when playing.
The setup through which you will be guided in this book complements any system or method, since it’s based on ergonomic approach, emphasizing alignment, injury prevention, and tonal beauty.

* “Start Right” books for Violin and Viola can be purchased in PDF format.
When you purchase a PDF version, you will receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase with information on how to download the book and a personal customer code.