Balance between emotional, physical, and intellectual demands is of paramount importance when it comes to playing a musical instrument, for professionals and students alike. In this section you will have an opportunity to explore knowledge I gained through research and experience as a performer and teacher. Just scroll down to see the articles, and check back for new ones in the future!

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Ways to improve your practice through better understanding of physical demands

Published in the Journal of American Viola Society, Volume 18 No. 2 &3 2002 Issue Focus is on body balance, includes tips for pre-practice warm-ups and a useful list of vitamins which assist in muscle and joint related maintenance and healing.


Concise Overview of Recording Basics for Performers 

Published on this website exclusively Focus is directed towards information regarding the physics of sound and the properties of various microphones, as well as tips on playing viola within recording setting.  This article was part of 2 lectures given at the Juilliard School.