"Victoria Voronyansky is a very experienced performer and one of the best teachers anyone could have!"
Heidi Castleman, Viola Professor, the Juilliard School

Teaching has always been my passion, and in 1998, while still a student at the Juilliard School, I started a teaching studio for young violinists and violists in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since then I have also taught at the Juilliard School, Mannes College of Music, Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance, Columbia University, and the Perlman Music Program. Students I worked with in these institutions became professionals, who have gone on to play in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and Vienna Philharmonic, and have themselves become educators, chamber musicians, and soloists. However, I really treasure the work I do with my local private students in Bucks County, because nothing compares with helping players who are just starting out on the instrument and guiding their development into confident young musicians.
Their excitement is a constant inspiration for me!

Violin and viola students who have worked with me in Bucks County regularly perform in community concerts, do outreach work in schools, nursing homes and hospitals. They have placed among top 10 in the USA (All-National Honor Orchestra), top 10 in the state of Pennsylvania (PMEA All-State Orchestra), top 3 in Bucks County (BCMEA Orchestra), and performed in Carnegie Hall. They hold concertmaster and principal viola positions in local schools, as well as in Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, New York Youth Symphony, and Youth Orchestra of Bucks County. They have gone on to top universities, colleges, and music schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, New York, and Brown universities, West Point and Naval Academies, Peabody and Mannes College of Music, among others.


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Music can enrich every life: that is the basic philosophy with which I approach teaching. Playing an instrument can lead to greater emotional and physical awareness, and the mental challenges posed by study of music can improve memory and problem solving skills needed in all areas of life. I am also convinced that a player needs to be at ease physically in order to perform at their optimum level on the instrument, which is why every student is approached on a highly individual basis, and each student receives instruction and exercises customized specifically for them.

Individual Attention

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Throughout history there were numerous books written about violin and viola technique, and a number of different approaches have dominated during various times. While there is a wealth of practical and historical information to be learned from these works, the precise physical setup of every one of these systems does not always work for every person. Differences in size, flexibility, and strength must be taken into account when developing playing technique. These and other factors are always taken into account when a student begins to work with me. In addition to the obvious physical traits, student's many abilities and tendencies are noted, worked on and developed at all times through combination learning.

Combination Learning

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Key to combination learning is to work on several facets of musical and individual development at the same time. While the main focus remains the study of violin or viola, additional areas of focus, such as ear training, music theory, music history, composition, folk violin and performance psychology are covered on a consistent basis. Lessons take place in a friendly supportive atmosphere, with latest state of the art equipment on hand to help students learn more about music and ultimately themselves.


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How can I tell if my child will benefit from studying music?

Music education can benefit every child! It leads to improvement in cognitive and physical aspects of a child’s development, as well as providing a youngster with emotional outlet. There are marked improvements in hand/eye coordination, and greater awareness of balance and physical stability. Many parents struggle with the question of talent: does my child have a gift for playing a musical instrument. The answer is playing a musical instrument is a gift in and of itself. Will your child enjoy music and benefit from studying music is the most important question, and if the start of their studies is carefully organized, the answer will be a resounding yes!